20/30 Weight loss success story: Joe Potter

2030-fast-trackThe best way to lose weight in Franklin, NC:  20/30 Fast Track

Allow us to introduce you to Joe Potter.  He has found the best way to lose weight.  Here’s his story…

Hi.  My name is Joe.  I joined Franklin Health and Fitness January 1, 2016. I was overweight, have arthritis, and had a knee replacement and a hip replacement.  I had retired because I coudn’t walk or stand any longer.  I started working with Jon Lyon (FHF Personal Trainer).  He suggested I try 20/30 Fast Track.  So, on January 28th, 2016 I started the program weighing in at 330 pounds.  It is now October 26th, 2016 and I have lost 79 pounds and 48.75 inches!  I have never felt so good.  I dropped 3 pants sizes.  I have stopped taking heartburn medicine for the first time in 30 years.  I am walking and listening to my body.  I have totally changed what and how I eat.  Thanks to all of the staff at Franklin Health and Fitness for listening and guiding me on this journey.  They have given me my life back!  I will give one piece of advice:  you have to exercise — they will work around your issues.  The rewards will be outstanding!
(Joe Potter – pictured below:  before (left), after (right)

Joe Potter